Code of ethics

Code of ethics and general conduct of BIOMISR :






This Code of Ethics affirms the commitment of BIOMISR to uphold the highest ethical standards and promote  culture of ethical business conduct

The provisions of the code are mandatory and all BIOMISR MEMBERS are expected to comply with the Code under circumstances except as may be contrary to applicable local laws rules and regulations.

1-To uphold the highest ethical standards and BIOMISR values all colleagues are responsible for complying with the Code .

2-Colleagues who have questions concerning the Code should address then with their Manager or Human Resources Manager

3-Colleagues who become aware of violation or possible violation of the code must report that information immediately to their manger the Human Resources department

4-Management will impose appropriate discipline which may include termination for violation of the code

5-Conduct that violates the code may also violate laws, rules , and regulations

6-Form time to time , BIOMISR may waive certain provisions of the Code

All BIOMISR staff members should adhere the following :

Understand and comply with the BIOMISR Code of Ethics

Uphold the highest standards of academic integrity by refusing to tolerate violations of the BIOMISR code of ethics

report any suspected violation of the code to appropriate department

foster an atmosphere of integrity among all BIOMISR colleagues

applying the center policies ,procedures and SOPs at all times

Reporting accurately and transparently

Respect the rights of others, which include the obligation to refrain from conduct that violates or adversely affects the rights of other members of the BIOMISR community

Understand that they will be subject to penalties should they commit any violation of the BIOMISR Code of Ethics

Take necessary steps to apply the BIOMISR Cod of Ethics

Take necessary steps to apply the BIOMISR CODE OF Ethics to the circumstances of their work at BIOMISR


BIOMISR members must avoid all situations in which their personal interest s, the actions. They take and decisions they make in their scope of responsibility ,directly or indirectly ,conflict or perceived to conflict with their duties to BIOMISR

They are prohibited from

Appropriating for their personal benefits ,any opportunities that are discovered through the use of BIOMISR property or information or their position with BIOMISR

Using BIOMISR property or information or their position for personal gain

Get any financial benefits from position in BIOMISR


BIOMISR is committed to providing and maintaining safe and healthy work environments for all Members in accordance with industry research standards and in compliance with applicable laws rules and regulations

All colleagues are responsible for maintaining safe and Healthy & Safety requirements within their work areas

Colleagues must report and address all observed hazards including unsafe practices and defective equipment

Everyone is encouraged to be alert to and report any unsafe practice and conditions that may present an imminent danger to individuals or property  ,employees should report these types of conditions immediately to their immediate supervisor

BIOMISR provides support in all areas of safety including any hazardous waste removal and removal and radiation safety

Colleagues must not be under the influence of alcohol while on duties

Colleagues must not smoke in all BIOMISR premises in order to protect the Heal

4- protection and proper use of company assets :

all colleagues must safeguard BIOMISR and ensure their efficient use and protection from loss , damage , theft , and misuse .under no circumstance may BIOMISR assets be used for illegal or unethical purpose

Colleagues must not directly or indirectly engaged in or be involved with any other business or organization which may require a colleague’s attendance or attention during working hours

Colleague must comply with BIOMISR policies , procedures &quality systems when incurring &approving business expenses and ensure that expenses serve BIOMISR business interests

Colleague must ensure that assets belonging to BIOMISR or its client are protected from loss ,damage , theft, fraud and misuse .colleagues are prohibited from the removal or disposal of these assets without the prior consent of their managers

The computer systems ,data ,programs , and communications systems, including servers which are connected to the internet ,are assets. BIOMISR capable of monitoring and recording all usage and inspecting all files stored in private areas of its computer network ,which is subject to periodic audit and review by authorized personnel

Colleagues should not have any expectation of privacy in respect of e-mail or internet usage

Prohibited internet use includes but is not limited to:

Accessing internet sites containing obscene ,offensive unethical material

Accessing internet sites containing material prohibited by law

Expressing personal opinions in a discussion group while using a BIOMISR address or the BIOMISR computer system

BIOMISR communication tools and systems are provided for business purpose and must be used in a professional manner . however limited personal use of communication tools provided by BIOMISR is permitted ,provided such use is not for personal gain or any unethical or illegal purpose and provided such use does not interfere with the business or colleague’s duties .

5- Uses of BIOMISR services and property

BIOMISR owned and controlled facilities ,system , and equipment are properties and not be used by employees for personal or commercial purposes or in a manner that interfaces with the performance of their job duties .

Electronic mail ,voice mail, fax machines, and copiers should be used for official BIOMISR business only

No expectation of privacy exists in the use of any BIOMISR owned or controlled facilities ,systems,or equipment

BIOMISR reserves the right to enter inspect ,inventory ,use ,recall or transfer property it owns or controls at any time deemed appropriate

Use of BIOMISR stationary is intended for business and must not be used by staff members for personal or non-BIOMISR correspondence

Use of BIOMISR telephones:

The use of all BIOMISR telephone services should be limited to official business only telephone calls should be handled in a prompt and courteous manner and BIOMISR telephone lines must be kept clear for business calls ,using office phones for personal long distance calls is a violation ,which is subjected to disciplinary action

6-discrimination and Harassment Prevention :

BIOMISR is firmly committed to providing and maintaining a workplace that is free from discrimination and harassment contrary to law where colleagues are accorded equality of employment opportunity based on merit and ability

Each colleague has the right to work in an environment that is free from harassment and discrimination contrary to law based on race ,place of origin , colour ,ethics origin citizenship ,religion ,sex, sexual orientation ,age record of offenses ,material status ,family status ,pregnancy ,disability or any other ground listed in applicable laws ,rules and regulations

Colleagues are responsible for ensuring a work environment that is free from discrimination and harassment by:

Behaving in a professional manner and treating others with respect by refusing to participate in or tolerate discrimination or harassment

Reporting known or observed incidents of discrimination or harassment

Support and guide colleagues who want to report incidents of discrimination or harassment

Respecting the confidential nature of any investigation of discrimination or harassment

7- Gratuities Prohibited Receipt of Gifts:

BIOMISR staff members must not ,except as described below ,use their employment status to give or accept for personal benefit any gifts,favors , payments, loans or any other benefits to or from any person ,organization or group that does or seek to do ,business or completes with BIOMISR a gift is defined as lodging transportation ,personal services, a gratuity ,subscription ,membership ,trip, loan ,extension  of credit, forgiveness of debt ,advance or deposit of money or any thing of value

Colleagues may give where their duties permit and may accept ,modest gift provided that all of the following conditions are satisfied :

No cash , no nominal values ,or not violate any applicable law, rules or regulation

8- political contributions :

BIOMISR encourage employees fulfill their civic obligations and otherwise engage in normal political processes of society .Nevertheless ,it is inappropriate for employees to manage or enter political campaigns while on duty

The use of BIOMIR properties by colleagues as Political contributions to political parties , candidates ,or any kinds of activities is strictly prohibited

Don’t contribute in any political activities on behalf of BIOMISR

9- proprietary and Confidential Information :

colleagues must be not use for their  own financial benefit or disclose to others unless specifically required in the performance of their duties ,proprietary ,or confidential information obtained as a result of their employment with BIOMISR

both proprietary

Proprietary information includes :the company’s records ,reports,methods papers,SOPs,any qulity documents of system ,devices ,plans, manuals,—etc

It is prohibited to discuss any issue related to BIOMISR ( financial- information —-etc) without proper authorization

10 –privacy

BIOMISR and the staff member are committed to high standards for the protection of personal information of both colleagues and clients

11- financial information and operating activities :

BIOMISR financial information and operating activities :

Transactions , financial statement , —–etc

12- work environment appearance

staff members are required to keep their working environments clean and orderly .lock all the files, cabinets  ,clear all work materials from desk surface especially materials of sensitive or confidential nature


BIOMISR wishes to promote a comfortable , productive ,legal and ethical work environment doing that by encouraging employees to bring any grievance they may have about the work place a suspension or other disciplinary actions ,decision that is inconsistent with a specific  BIOMISR rules, regulation, or policy

The staff Grievance procedures is available to any classified employee who has completed the provisional employment period

They are not working with :

Performance evaluation

Flexible work options decision

Reduction in force

Salary and grade classification

Organization of department or allocation of its resources

Termination of grant funding

Non –renewal of ,limited term position


All staff members provided with a copy of the Code and are required to acknowledge acceptance and understanding in writing of its provision